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100 Activities Kit by Kids Fiesta

Get complete course containing videos on:

  • 20 Art Tutorials

  • 20 Craft Tutorials

  • 10 Drawing Tutorials

  • 10 Vedic Math Tutorials

  • 10 Fun Science Experiments Tutorials

  • 10 Coding Tutorials

  • 10 Writing Tutorials

  • 10 Phonics Tutorials

Get 1 unique tutorial video everyday.

Submit your work in WhatsApp group and take feedback from teachers.

Art Class


100 Tutorials

in 100 Days

Distance Learning

Submit Work & Get Feedback Through WhatsApp Group

Get 100 unique tutorials in 100 days in an unbelievable price of inr 199 only.

100 Tutorials Topics


Get 20 awesome tutorials on art.


Get 20 unique videos on drawing.

Fun With Science

Get 10 videos tutorials on Fun Science Experiments.

Vedic Math

Get 10 videos on speed through Vedic Math tutorials.


10 video tutorials on drawing.


Get 10 videos on coding.


Get 10 tutorials on handwriting .


Get 10 videos on phonics.

Course validity 365 days so that your children  can do the activity in their own sweet time

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