100 Do at Home Activities for Kids That are Amazingly Fun

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We know that it's difficult to keep your child engaged at home. So here are an extensive list of 100 activities that you can do with your kid at home.

With the ongoing lockdown and the holidays on the horizon, kids are now homebound. It can be quite a challenge to figure out what to do with them to keep them quite busy. Worry not! I have put together a list of 100 things that they can do without leaving the comfort of your home. They are guaranteed to keep them busy, and you, without getting bored.

Some of the mentioned activities are quite challenging and take up so much time; you won't realize its already time for bed. Have fun!

  1. Make snowflakes from paper. Instructions here.

  2. The family cut out with writing.

  3. Paint rocks and form beautiful art. Learn how to here.

  4. Build furniture using cardboards.

  5. Create toys using containers.

  6. Use packing tape to create labels and stickers.

  7. Play hide and seek outdoors or indoors.

  8. Coloring flowers.

  9. Use building blocks to create castles.

  10. Throw a family dance competition.

  11. Alphabet and shape tracing.

  12. Draw and color cute patterns on plates and cups.

  13. Have an at-home spa day.

  14. Bake star cookies.

  15. Start journals.

  16. Paint each other's faces.

  17. Work on puzzles.

  18. Have an indoor picnic.

  19. Collect leaves and paint on them.

  20. Make scarecrows. Examples here

  21. Have a family water fight with water guns.

  22. Play different kinds of sports.

  23. Hold a modeling session and take photos.

  24. Help in washing cars.

  25. Read books.

  26. Compete in rope jumping.

  27. Play board games.

  28. Bike riding within the compound.

  29. Have tea parties.

  30. Make scrapbooks. Ideas here

  31. Wash and dry the toys.

  32. Blow balloons and play with them.

  33. Help in washing vegetables and fruits.

  34. Have a pillow fight.

  35. Fly kites.

  36. Write letters to family and friends.

  37. Go outside at night and watch the stars.

  38. Run in your lawn sprinklers.

  39. Make handprints.

  40. Act out stories.

  41. Do kids yoga exercises.

  42. Stick out tongues to each other.

  43. Make edible necklaces with edible candy, cereals, or fruits. Here is how to

  44. Compete in whistling.

  45. Re-organize closets.

  46. Try out new recipes together.

  47. Go gardening.

  48. Climb trees.

  49. Make water collectors.

  50. Make boats using paper. Find steps to follow in this site.

  51. Tell jokes and award the funniest with homemade cookies.

  52. Bake cupcakes.

  53. Have an ice-cream party.

  54. Catch bugs outside.

  55. Color coloring books.

  56. Play with pets.

  57. Bath the pets. Here is the proper way to do it.

  58. Play in the tub.

  59. Play dice games and card games.

  60. Play instruments.

  61. Water the plants.

  62. Take silly face pictures.

  63. Dress up and give makeovers.

  64. Create obstacle courses and time yourselves.

  65. Decorate t-shirts using ink.

  66. Help in licking stamps.

  67. Make prints using their feet.

  68. Create a family puzzle and solve it.

  69. Have a hop-on-one-foot competition. Here are ideas to try.

  70. Do chores together.

  71. Decorate the house.

  72. Create a family playlist.

  73. Make emojis from papers.

  74. Use beads to make bracelets and necklaces. Steps to follow outlined here.

  75. Play fetch with the dog.

  76. Learn how to juggle together.

  77. Practice paper folding.

  78. Make popsicles using fruit juices. Instructions here

  79. Skype with grandparents.

  80. Play with marbles.

  81. Fold laundry together. Here is a fun way to fold clothes using cardboards.

  82. Build buildings using toothpicks or match ticks. Try out these DIYs.

  83. Make a dollhouse using cardboard.

  84. Watch a sunset together.

  85. Learn magic tricks.

  86. Create art using toilet paper rolls. Learn how to here

  87. Learn handclapping games.

  88. Make rainbows using crayons. Instructions here

  89. Make binoculars using paper rolls.

  90. Make cards of all sorts.

  91. Attempt to learn new languages.

  92. Make their hair into funny styles.

  93. Build a fortress using pillows. Ideas here

  94. Take singing lessons.

  95. Teach them how to play chess. Learn the rules to follow here.

  96. Learn the sign language together.

  97. Create a spiky sponge. Here’s how to

  98. Paint the bathroom mirror using shaving cream.

  99. Compete in stacking cups together.

  100. . Have the kids interview each other.

So this is our list, do you have anything to add? Give your answers in the comments below.

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