60 Fun Science Experiments for Kids that you can do at home

The most fun and amazing way to teach kids about science is to give them projects and experiments they can do at home.

With simple household items that you probably already have, some of the ideas listed below will blow their minds.

Choose a few, if not all, that you think the kids will enjoy and get cracking!

1. Explore the effects of sugary drinks on teeth.

To do this, use an eggshell as the stand-in for teeth. Use a combination of toothbrushes and different kinds of toothpaste to see how they react. Learn more here

2. Use carbon dioxide to extinguish flames

To start with, talk about what makes fire survive. Then light a candle and create a base-acid reaction and make a pouring gesture to the fire. Learn how to in details at the CO2 fire extinguisher

3. Pile up paper cups and stand on them

This will be a combination of engineering and physics that will be fun and challenging for the kids. Directions here.

4. Use a bottle as a rain gauge

For this experiment, you'll need a ruler, a permanent marker, and a plastic bottle. Instructions here.

5. Use invisible ink for secret messaging

Dip a paintbrush in lemon juice and write a message on plain paper. Next, hold it over a source of heat and let oxidation do its magic. Learn more

6. Create a folded mountain using towels

To do this, use containers as continents and towels to represent rocks. The towels should be in between the containers. Push them towards each other using maximum force to create the layers. More here.

7. Use your ceiling as a projection surface for stars

For this experiment, follow this link to learn how to DIY your ceiling stars.

8. Create a leakproof water bag with through pencils

Kids are guaranteed to be amazed by this trick. All you'll need is a couple of sharp pencils, a zip lock bag, and water. Let the kids learn the chemistry of the polymer. Get the tutorial on this page.

9. Create balloons without blowing

Put a little vinegar in the balloon and some baking soda in a bottle. Attach the mouths of the balloon and bottle. The chemical reaction between the vinegar and soda creates a gas that inflates the balloon. Full tutorial here.

10. Make crystallized candy

Making rock candy at home is easy when you have all the ingredients gathered, and the result is quite fantastic and tasty. Instructions here.

11. Compete in blowing giant bubbles

By adding some ingredients to liquid soap, your kids will learn about surface tension during this challenge. Find instructions here.

12. Use wood to build a Ferris wheel

We know how riding on a Ferris wheel is both exciting and scary. But have your kids tried to make theirs at home. Stock up on wood and teach them how to by following these instructions.

13. Build a roller coaster using straws

This challenge will be a great one for the kids and only requires using straws. Learn the whole tutorial here.

14. Learn the art of liquid layering

In this science experiment, you layer honey, dish soap, rubbing, alcohol, and water. The effects when everything floats on top of each other look marvelous. Learn more.

15. Use air pressure to crush a can